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John Muir's Connection to Wisconsin

John Muir was an engineer, naturalist and writer.  He was also the father of the Modern Ecology Movement and the founder of the Sierra Club.  So how is it that a man who was born in Scotland and lived, worked and died in California gave his name to the Wisconsin chapter of the Sierra Club?  Answer:  Muir spent his “boyhood and youth”—those tremendously important and formative years spanning  childhood through young adulthood—in our state.

After his family emigrated from Scotland to a farm outside Portage in 1849, the young Muir got his start as one of the first modern preservationists.  Years of closely observing the wonders of nature throughout rigorous farm life carried him into his first botany lesson as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  These years formed the base of what would become his preservation philosophy and his lifelong work of preserving the wilderness.  Then—as now--there was the conflict between preservation (of the land because of its inherent spiritual and uplifting value) versus conservation (managing the land for sustainable commercial use.)  It is important to recognize that both sides oppose the exploitation of natural resources.

In 1892 Muir helped found the Sierra Club and was its first president, thus starting the first worldwide conservation movement.  Throughout his 22 years of work with the Sierra Club, Muir wrote on behalf of preservation, continuing his quest to preserve and defend the wonders of our natural world.  The Wisconsin chapter of the Sierra Club is proud to bear his name and continue his work.

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Read the Sierra Club biography of John Muir (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

John Muir