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Nov. 4: VOTE!

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Nov. 18: Cruisin' to Cento

Dec. 14: Winter Bonfire at Picnic Point



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Conservation Priorities

The John Muir Chapter has three current conservation priorities.  These include protecting the Great Lakes and other Water Resources, Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy, and Protecting Wisconsin's Unique Habitats..  Group and chapter leaders also work on a broad range of related environmental issues throughout Wisconsin, such as air quality, forestry and public lands, biodiversity and endangered species, environmental toxins, invasive species, smart growth, recycling and waste disposal, agricultural policies and more.  We are also active in local elections, since one of our best hopes for long term gains is building a strong legislative base to protect our environment.  


For details on our specific campaigns, click on a campaign below:


Water Sentinels:

Protecting the Great Lakes and other Water Resources:

Protect WI Water


Through water monitoring, testimony, legislation, and education, the Water Sentinels work to protect Wisconsin's water through Water Conservation (protecting our water for future generations to enjoy) and Water Preservation (keeping our water clean).

Campaigns include:

  • Protecting the Great Lakes
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture
  • Protecting Water Resources
  • Saving Copper Creek
  • Stopping Water Privitization



Beyond Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy:

Moving beyond fossil fuels to a clean energy future:


           Beyond Fossil Fuels


Protecting Wisconsin's clean air means moving beyond fossil fuels and supporting clean energyWisconsin needs to use technology that is renewable, good for the economy, and reduces our impact on our natural resources, such as:

In order to make this happen, we need to:



Protecting Unique Habitats:

Protecting Wisconsin's beautiful, unique habitats:


         Upton Falls


The Unique Habitats campaign works to keep Wisconsin's beautiful, unique habitats beautiful and thriving.  As development continues, forests are replaced with parking lots, lakes are polluted, and our beautiful parks become mining pits. 

Campaigns include:


Visit our Legislative Tracker to find out what bills Sierra Club is working on in Wisconsin! To support our work with a financial contribution, click here. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to see how else you can get involved.